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The SEPSA card will be provided at the van during one of the allotted times. Anyone can sign up for the card. The ID card is required to access exchange services. The card can only be used by one person, any violation of this can possibly result in the confiscation of the card. Participants, under any circumstances, cannot use another’s participant’s ID card. Any attempt to do so may jeopardize both clients’ privilege to use this card to use these services. Participants must respect the community and business surrounding the exchange sites: no loitering, littering, dealing, or using near the site. Stealing from the program, staff members, the community, or other participants will not be tolerated and will result in termination from the program and possible arrest.

To attain a card you must visit the van at one of our designated locations that can be found here. The card will contain an ID number for privacy and information collection. This information will only be used to create demographic statistics and improvement of the program. Any information taken from the participant will be protected and kept confidential under HIPAA regulation.

Confidential Information collected will include the following:
-Name or Picture (will not be shown on the card)
-Area of usage (zip code)
-Time of visit
-# of syringes exchanged (given and taken from user)


Your Rights Under HIPAA

Your health and privacy is our priority.

HIPAA is a United States legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information. 

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